The Pub

Finding Dziki Wschód is not difficult—the pub is located in the centre of Lublin. In the pub you will be able to try excellent craft beers, eat delicious pizza and spend an evening in great atmosphere.
You can come over for beer tasting or an evening drink, for a crunchy bruschetta for lunch or to start your day with hot coffee. Visit us!

In Dziki Wschod

We brew great beer

You can try the exceptional beers by the Dziki Wschód brewery prepared with exciting additives—such as quinoa seeds, coffee or vanilla. Check the available beers or learn more about our brewery..

We cook delicious food

Our delicious thin-crust pizza is the best addition to beer and a perfect choice for an evening with friends. You should also try our crunchy bruschetta, delicious salads and desserts.

We offer beverages

Not in the mood for beer? You can choose from good whiskey, wines, drinks and other beverages.

We provide atmosphere

For conversations about good craft beer, for get-togethers with good friends and for meeting new, interesting people.

Dziki wschód w datach

  • 2015


    Otwarcie lokalu

  • maj


  • lipiec

    4 Krany z piwem

  • 2016


    Powiększenie ilości kranów do 10 i powiększenie lokalu o dodatkową salę

  • 2016 listopad

    12 kranów z piwem

  • listopad

    Powstanie Browaru DZIKI WSCHÓD

  • 2017


    Zakup drugiego unitanka do Browaru Dziki Wschód

  • 2018


    Powiększenie mocy produkcyjnych w Browarze Dziki Wschód (wstawienie trzeciego unitanka i zakup Hop Guna)