About Dziki Wschód

Dziki Wschód is a pub in the centre of Lublin and a perfect place for spending time with friends—drinking good craft beer and eating delicious pizza. Here you will find 12 taps with regional and craft beer, more than 40 kinds of bottled beer, as well as good whiskey, wine, and drinks.
The only thing better than cold beer is beer paired with good food, so you can also order our delicious thin-crust pizza and crunchy bruschetta.


The only problem with getting something to drink in Dziki Wschód is the choice—of more than 50 kinds of beer, as well as cocktails, whiskey, wines and other beverages. But don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help!

In the pub you can try the surprising beers produced by the Dziki Wschód brewery, as well as other interesting beers selected with craft enthusiasts in mind.


Apart from excellent beer, you will also find good whiskey, carefully mixed drinks, wines, vodkas and other beverages. Cheers!


Hot coffee to start your day, freshly squeezed juice for lunch, aromatic tea in the evening.


We’re proud of our thin-crust pizza and crunchy bruschetta. And we will be delighted if you try them. And if you’re looking for something lighter, you can order any of the freshly-made salads or delicious desserts.

I it said that it’s easy to make good pizza, but making great pizza is art. We put lots of time and effort to make our pizza excellent. Try it out! Try it!


A light option for lunch or the evening, and when you want to drop by for a healthy meal.


Crunchy and tasty, with tomatoes, fresh herbs and delicious ingredients.


Perfect with hot coffee or tea, for chilly evenings and to start a day.


Dziki Wschód is a family brewery established by two brothers. The idea at the very heart of the brewery is that beer must always be good and never boring. In the pub you can try Dziki Wschód’s original beers brewed with quinoa seeds, coffee, orange, vanilla and other surprising additives. Find out more. Read more.


We will be happy to host your private and business events. We will choose the proper room or table, propose a menu, drinks and attractions—and add a dose of great atmosphere free of charge.

Corporate events

There is no better way to engage employees than an evening spent together drinking good beer and eating delicious food.

Private events

A pizza shared with friends is a good idea for any occasion. Dziki Wschód is a perfect place for celebrating—when it comes to small get-togethers and grand parties.


Want to book a table? Learn more about organizing an event? Ask about our beer? Write or call us, we’ll be happy to talk.

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